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Like catching “the big one,” writing an effective press release can be difficult.  You have to know what you’re doing and what you’re promoting.  Zach Cutler at the Huffington Post has written some tips on how to write a killer press release.

It’s very important to have an attention grabbing headline!  Your press release needs to stand out in order to be noticed.  Just like in magazines, books, etc. the beginning of the press release is the most important.  By having an effective headline, searching journalists will be more likely to notice your press release.

Another tip is to make sure you get to your main point in the first paragraph.  It is crucial to not waste the journalists time, as they are busy people.  Use the first couple sentences to talk about your main point, and use the remaining paragraphs to support your first paragraph.

Professionalism is also very important.  Make sure that your press release has perfect grammar.  Not only does it give off a professional image, it lets the reporter know you care enough to be taken seriously.

Make sure to leave your contact information in your press release.  It is important to give your reporter a way to follow up with you if they choose to do so.  At the top of the page, you should leave your email address and phone number so it is easy to find.

A common mistake some people make is that they make their press release too long.  An effective press release will normally be one page long, or no longer than two.  Writing one page requires you to include the most important information and your press release instantly becomes more readable to journalists since they often go through many a day.

The last tip I will provide is often overlooked.  Make sure you provide access to more information for the reporter in case they choose to learn more about whatever you are promoting.