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PRSSA is a fantastic way for students to get involved in Public Relations while also building a resume.  PRSSA provides a detailed summary of what it is and benefits it contains for students, in and beyond the classroom.

The acronym PRSSA stands for Public Relations Student Society of America.  PRSSA has a large number of chapters, over 300, spread across North and South America.  These 300 chapters have over 11,000 students withing them.  The organization has a headquarters in New York City, New York with a National Committee.  The committee is actually made up of members of PRSSA and PRSA members.

Being a member of PRSSA has many benefits, including enhancing your education.  When a student joins PRSSA, they will also have many opportunities to find internships, find places to study public relations, and compete for scholarships.  Being in this organization also allows a student to network with professionals.  Not only will students connect with public relations professionals, they will be able to connect with other PRSSA students and chapters.  The relationships formed while in the organization can form into lasting professional relationships when looking for a career.  PRSSA provides many outlets for connecting to other students, chapters, and professionals through member directories, etc.

The most significant impact PRSSA can have on a student is the ability to have a successful career.  As a member, students will have access to PRSA Jobcenter which updates with different public relations employment opportunities throughout the entire world.  Between the education, networking, and career opportunities PRSSA provides, it seems to be a valuable asset to public relations majors for a successful future in the field.