Photo Credit: olekinderhook1 via Compfight cc

Every day people see PR campaigns, most of which go unnoticed.  Like a good fishing story, PR campaigns need to have that “special something” in order to make them stand out.  E-releases and Mickie Kennedy provided a list of such characteristics to help get your PR campaign started right.

What do all good PR campaigns have in common?  They have goals.  Like fishing, it is important to have goals for your campaign.  The goals should be specific, measurable, and have a timetable in order to make sure deadlines are met.  At the same time, the goals that you set should be realistic.  For example, if you were to be starting your campaign in a small town, it would not be wise to have a goal that includes reaching the entire state right away.

Let’s say that you were to start a campaign on why spear fishing during the winter months is bad for local musky population in Michigan.  Your goal could be to raise awareness to cities bordering musky lakes and encourage people to cease spear fishing.  The next step in an epic PR campaign would be to map out a plan to establish that goal.  In this case, would you utilize social media, show up and speak, reach out to local media, or all of the above?  When asking this question, something that should be thought about is what media would be most effective in spreading the message.

Once your plan is set up, the most important thing a good PR campaign can do is to adapt.  Situations will change throughout time and different challenges will present themselves.  It is imperative that you are willing to adapt to the situation.  In the musky example, if you were to start your campaign focusing on ice fishermen and found that the results just were not good enough, it may be smart to focus on spring/ summer fishermen.  It could raise their awareness that the musky population they fish for is being diminished in the winter.  But after all, that’s just Life on the Lake.