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Blogging and fishing are not that different at all… Apart from the water and boats and fish themselves.  Okay so they might be different but many strategies that make fishermen successful can also make a successful blogger.  Some of the following tips come from Life Hack by Joel Runyon.

Like fishing, you should have a good reason why you are going to start doing it.  Whether it is just because you love doing it or you are doing it to get better, you should have a reason.  For example, a person shouldn’t go fishing just to say they went fishing.  Instead they should love doing it or want to perfect a certain technique; in other words, it should not be a burden.

Any fisherman can tell you that you should not be afraid to experiment with different styles of fishing.  The same can be said for blogging.  You should not be afraid to post different kinds of writing.  Sometimes it is better to get out of your comfort zone, so instead of posting your preferred type of post you could post a story or maybe put a different tone to your writings. “There is no one correct way to catch a fish.”

The most important thing to remember when fishing, writing a blog, or doing almost anything in life is to HAVE FUN! Enjoy what you’re writing about and don’t be afraid to be passionate about it.  If you are not having fun your readers will be able to tell through your writing.  People enjoy reading posts that have personality and passion, so do not take your blog posts too seriously.

If you follow these basic tips, blogging will be a blast for you.  Who knows, you might even save enough time to do other things, like grab a rod and go fishin’!  But after all, that’s just Life on the Lake.